About Us

Our Mission

Leading the childcare industry within Northern BC through community collaboration, employee engagement and staff appreciation.


our vision 

Providing a safe and caring environment that the meets the developmental needs of all children and their families.


Our History

In 2004, Jennifer Maillet opened a small family childcare centre in her home. The business was created as Jennifer was a Licensed Practical Nurse who couldn’t find affordable flexible childcare to meet the demands of her families rotating work schedules.

Jennifer loved working with children from a young age and felt opening a childcare centre was the next best step. This small family childcare centre grew over the years. It was first expanded to a Group Childcare facility with 36 spaces in her family home.

In 2014, she ventured out and rented a small building in town expanding to 48 spaces. With this move Jennifer’s small centre became Willow Creek Childcare Inc. (WCC)

In early 2015, with the help of Ministry of Children and Family, a grant of $250,000 allowed WCC to move the operations to a school that was no longer being used by the school district and expanded to 114 spaces. Between 2015 and 2019 WCC increased capacity to 154 spaces. Jennifer felt the next step for this growing business and to ensure legacy was to move to a non-profit society.


Coast Mountain Children Society (CMCS) was created in July 2018. The first step for CMCS was to open a new location in Kitimat with 37 group childcare spaces.

In January of 2019, CMCS took over the operations of Willow Creek Childcare Inc. To date, Coast Mountain Children Society operates a total of 221 spaces between Terrace and Kitimat.

Our Plan

Strategic Plan 2020  – 2023

01. Programming

Programming that exceeds expectations.

• Quality childcare through communication.
• Flexibility meeting individual care needs.
• Linking home, community & center
• Integrating cultural heritage into childcare

02. Operational

Clear procedures for transparent operations.

• Standardized and consistent approach human resource management.
• Written operational processes for training.
• Operational standards for childcare in all facilities.

03. People

Build an employee culture that celebrates our achievements.

• Training available to all staff.
• Consistent communication with staff.
• Mentorship program
• Personal commitment to staff development & training.

04. Financial

Forward planning that meets financial sustainability.

• Monitor financial performance.
• Industrious expense management.
• Contact evaluation for efficiencies.
• Sourcing partnership funding.

Coast Mountain Children Society gratefully acknowledge and thank the Kitselas Nation and
Kitsumkalum Nation in Terrace and the Haisla Nation in Kitamaat Village for allowing CMCS
to operate in their respective Traditional Territory.

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Terrace Location: (250) 635-1554

Kitimat Location: (778) 631-2006

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Terrace Location: admin@cmcsorg.ca

Kitimat Location: kitimat@cmcsorg.ca 

Hours of Operation - Both locations

Monday - Friday 8am -5pm